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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Day 25

From: Andria To: Cerignola Miles: 22 Total: 422 After a nice stay at our hotel in downtown Andria we had a 22 mile day ahead so after a good breakfast at the hotel we were on the road by 8:15. After we left town we were definitely off the beaten path for the first half … Continue reading »

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Day 24

From:  Morfetta To:  Andria Miles:  17 Total:  400 24 days down; 126 to go.  Today we turned away from the Adriatic coastline and headed inland. We won’t see the sea again until early August in Denmark.  Basically it was a fairly straight forward day except for the crazy highway we were on most of the … Continue reading »

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Day 23

From: Bari To: Molfetta Miles: 17 Total: 383 We went to eat at a nice restaurant in Bari last night and John had a pistachio, ham and cheese pizza. I had a bite and it was very tasty. I might have to try to make that back at home. After the best night of sleep … Continue reading »

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Day 22

From:  San Vito To:  Bari Total:  366 Miles:  20 Greetings from Bari, Italy. Today’s walk was fairly straightforward, but had its share of little irritants that we have learned to just let slip right off our backs.  The day started in San Vito with breakfast at our hotel. We hit the road about 8:30 with … Continue reading »

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Day 21

From: Fasano To: San Vito (South of Bari, Italy, not to be confused with San Vito dei Normanni near Brindisi) Miles: 17 Total: 346 Today started off with another great breakfast at the hotel. It was a sunny and warm day so in less than a mile I had my jacket off and was walking … Continue reading »

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Day 20

From:  Torre Santa Sabina To :  Fasano Miles:  22 Total:  329 Today was one of those typical days you get when you’re backpacking like Dave and I. Basically you never know what the day will bring so you just go with it.  First, the day started with the most amazing breakfast. As is typical in … Continue reading »

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Day 19

Eight hour ferry ride from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi starting at midnight From: Brindisi To: Torre Santa Sabina Miles: 18 Total: 307 After sitting in the Ferry terminal most of the evening, we finally boarded the ferry a little after 10:30 PM. As we were going up to security we saw people were putting their bags … Continue reading »

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Day 18

From:  Margarita To:  Igoumanitsa Miles:  15 Total:  289 Today was our last day in Greece.  The walk was very enjoyable with good roads, good weather except one brief shower, and a descent of about 1000 feet down to the sea port in Igoumanitsa.  After a weather day off yesterday, we woke this morning to clear … Continue reading »

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Day 17

From: Margariti To: Margariti Miles: 0 Total: 274 After looking at the forecast this morning and weighing all the pluses and minuses of walking or not walking, we decided to stay put in this small town. In hindsight it looks like we made the right decision. It has been raining almost all day and there … Continue reading »

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Day 16

From:  Vrachos Beach To:  Margarita Miles:  17 Total:  274 Today was a real challenge from start to finish, even though we only walked 17 miles.  We intended to start walking this morning at 8:00 because there was rain in the forecast starting about 2:00. We wanted to get finished or close to it before the … Continue reading »

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