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Day 109

Posted by on July 24, 2019

Start:  Hanover

Finish:  Elze

Distance:  15

Total:  1644

I had an uneventful 15 mile walk today from Hanover to the small, one hotel, one restaurant town of Elze. The only memorable thing about today is the heat. It’s 98 degrees outside now and forecast to be 100 tomorrow. At least I’m coming off a very restful day off yesterday. 

I got started today at 8:00 and decided to eat breakfast at a McDonald’s about an hour down the road. I don’t make it a habit of eating at McDonald’s at home or here, but it was convenient and right on my route.  I was having a little trouble getting the attendant to understand what I wanted to order, so he went in the back and brought out a full blood American employee from Pennsylvania. We chatted for a minute after he took my order. 

After breakfast I was walking on a sidewalk through several Hanover suburban town. The sidewalk was good for me because the road was busy with morning commuter traffic. Though I didn’t get a picture today, the predominant cash crop has now turned to corn vs. wheat.  There are miles and miles of corn fields. 

Tomorrow I have another easy 15 mile day north to another small town;  Hodenhagen. Counting tomorrow, I only have 12 days left in Germany.  

I think that’s about all for today. I have a one mile walk down the road to the restaurant. I think I’ll wait a while before I go there; maybe it will cool off a little. JB. 

I had one continuous sidewalk for all 15 miles today.

I’ve see these exact same strawberry stands in every country I’ve walked.
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