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Day 110

Posted by on July 25, 2019

Start:  Elze

Finish:  Hodenhagen

Distance:  15

Total:  1659

Today was another H-O-T day in northern Germany. I got to my hotel at 1:30 and it was already 97; going to 99 for a high. But the good news is there’s a front coming and will start cooling it off gradually over the next few days. 

After a good night’s sleep last night in Elze, I got out the door at 8:20 this morning with 15 miles to walk. I had a sidewalk for the first mile, then I was in the ditch for all except the last three miles. Luckily, the ditch had been mowed so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. 

By noon I was within about three miles of my destination and was getting hungry. I was just walking into the only little town I’d seen all morning and there was a cafe, so I wandered in and I was the only customer; just me, the lady running the cafe, and some really nice looking food. I had also noticed a couple of small tables outside the cafe as I came in; just big enough to seat two people. They were sitting in the direct, 90+ degree sun. I also saw two small tables inside the cafe so I walked straight to one of the inside tables and started taking off my pack. After I got it off and put it in a chair the lady behind the counter said the cafe closed at noon; it was 12:01.  I clarified with her the cafe was now closed?  She said yes, I could buy food and sit outside. WHAT!  You’re closed; but I can buy your food and sit outside in the 90 degree heat in the direct sun, and eat it?  Yes, that’s what she would allow. I walked out and didn’t eat until I’d walked my last three miles, stopped to check in at my hotel, where my room wasn’t ready, dropped off my backpack, and walked another half-mile to a restaurant to eat lunch.  

So here I am; it’s now 3:00 and I’m sitting in the lobby of my hotel waiting on my room to be cleaned. It’s OK because I called ahead earlier in the morning and asked the nice girl here at the hotel if I could ask for a room on the side of the building away from the afternoon sun. She said they’d hold me such a room so I’m not going to press them. I’ve learned my lesson over the last few days that you DO NOT want a non-air conditioned room on the sunny side of the building in 100 degree heat. 

Tomorrow I walk 21 miles to the city of Soltau. I wonder if it has any connection to my friend and former work associate, Jim Soltau?  Maybe he will read this and comment. Otherwise, that’s it for today. Everyone have a great Thursday!  JB. 

Here’s some of that wall-to-wall corn I’ve been seeing.

Tonight’s accommodations in Hodenhagen.

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