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Day 119

Posted by on August 3, 2019

Start:  Sierksdorf

Finish:  Lensahn

Distance:  13

Total:  1796

Today was a short day, distance wise, but it took me most of the day to get it accomplished. 

The day started with checking out of the hotel where I’d spent three nights in Lubeck. I wanted to stay there another night, but they were booked full tonight so I had to check out, carry my belongings in my pack while I walked, and check in to another Lubeck hotel tonight. All this is necessary because the hotels in the towns I’ve been walking to for the last two days are full of vacationers. Therefore, I’ve been shuttling back and forth on the train to Lubeck where there are more hotels. 

I caught a train at 8:15 from Lubeck to Sierksdorf where I stopped walking yesterday. I only had 13 miles to walk so I got off the train at 8:45 and started walking to Lensahn where I needed to catch the train back to Lubeck at 2:00. That gave me about an extra hour of time to get there.  As it turned out, I needed all of that extra hour. 

First, I walked about three miles and came to the coastal town of Neustadt. As I walked through town, I noticed a bandstand and a very large number of temporary bleachers set up on the main square. There was nothing keeping me from entering, so I walked in to see what was going on. On the stage was an orchestra of about 75-100 members, and on the back of the stage was a banner announcing this was their annual Folklore Festival. Five minutes later, the orchestra started playing and a large number of the towns people were doing a folk dance. I pulled out my camera and made a video. It is posted under the video tab. 

After watching the folklore festivities for about 30 minutes, I headed on down the road, still with an extra 30 minutes left in my walking time to catch the train. When I got about a mile from the train station, it started to rain. Luckily, there was a covered bus stop, so I ducked under it for cover for another 20 minutes. At that point, I was looking at getting to the train station with only 10 minutes to spare. If I didn’t make it, I’d be waiting two hours for the next train. Well, I made it, and the train was right on time. So now I’m back in Lubeck for one last night. Tomorrow I’ll take the train back to Lensahn and leave Lubeck behind. 

That’s about all for this Saturday. Hope everyone’s day was as good as mine. JB. 

The Baltic coastal town of Neustadt, Germany.
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