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Day 129

Posted by on August 13, 2019

Start:  Vedbaek, Denmark

Finish:  Helsingborg, Sweden

Distance:  15

Total:  1953

Today was significant in that I completed my walk across Denmark. That’s five countries down, two to go. 

The day got off to a somewhat slow start. When I woke up this morning and looked outside, it was raining right down. I wasn’t expecting that, but it just delayed me for a short time because it temporarily stopped raining at 8:30. As soon as it lightened up, I headed out. Unfortunately, I only got an hour down the road and the rain was back and it showered off and on the rest of the day. I put my backpack cover on and then wore my poncho from that point on. 

The day was fairly short; 15 miles from my hotel in Vedbaek to the ferry terminal in Helsingor. My route had a nice wide sidewalk and followed the coastline all the way.  I got to the ferry terminal, figured out where to go for a ticket, and caught the first ferry across the Baltic to my first town in Sweden; Helsingborg. It’s only about two mile across and the ride took 20 minutes. 

Helsingborg is a beautiful Swedish coastal city and the fourth most populated region in the country. It’s geographic position on the Oresund Sound, the narrow passage from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea, has made both Helsingør, Denmark and Helsingborg, Sweden strategically important for many centuries. Each town has a fortress along the coastline which kept watch on the narrow, two mile wide strait.  

So like I said earlier, Denmark is in my rear view mirror. I only spent eight days in that beautiful country, but they were memorable. Like central and northern Germany, Denmark was a very agricultural country. Wheat and corn was the most predominant crop I saw, and most of the wheat had been harvested. Copenhagen was a beautiful, but very sprawling and busy city. I wish I would have had more time to see the sites there. 

Now it’s on to Sweden. I’ll need 15 days to walk along the North Sea coastline of this country. And some of my longest walking days in the entire trip are in Sweden due to the distances between towns. But the weather is cool and I’m looking forward to exploring the backroads along my route. 

I posted a new video today. I hope everyone enjoys it. JB. 

My last day in Denmark. At least there’s no lightning.

The port of Helsingør, Denmark. My last Danish town.

Kronborg Castle (from Shakespeare’s Hamlet) stands watch over Oresund Sound from the Denmark side in Helsingør.

Riding the ferry from Helsingør, Denmark to Helsingborg, Sweden.

Looking east toward Helsingborg, Sweden from the ferry.

Helsingborg’s coastal fortress, Karnan, watches over the Oresund Sound from the Swedish side.

Helsingborg, Sweden’s Town Hall.

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