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Day 143

Posted by on August 27, 2019

Start:  Uddevalla 

Finish:  Dingle

Distance:  21

Total:  2176

Today I had a good day walking to the very small town of Dingle (pronounced Ding-Lay). It was another hot one but I was able to slack pack because I’m back in Uddevalla to spend another night. 

I got started early this morning because I needed to get to Dingle, 21 miles north, by 3:18 to catch the train back to Uddevalla. If I was late and missed the train, the next one didn’t come for two hours. So I got out the door at 7:30, giving myself an extra hour just in case. My route was very walking friendly with either a bike trail or wide highway shoulder. 

At about 11:30, I happened upon a Circle K and got some lunch, then pressed on, getting to Dingle about an hour before the train. There was an old abandoned train station building that appeared to have been closed for some time. So unfortunately, there was no place to sit down and get out of the sun so I parked myself on a large trash can and waited for the train. By the time the train came, there were several people there to catch a ride. The train ride back to Uddevalla took 25 minutes. 

Tomorrow morning, I’ll catch an 8:10 train back to Dingle to pick up my walk. Tomorrow’s weather calls for rain showers all day until 3:00, then thunderstorms. With 18 miles to walk, I should be able to beat the thunderstorms but I might get wet tomorrow with the showers. 

In closing, I want to say hello to granddaughters Bailey and Ava. They started back to school yesterday; Bailey in 3rd grade and Ava in Kindergarten. They are the sweetest things and I know they’ll have a great school year. I can’t wait to get home next week to see them. JB. 

Granddaughters Bailey and Ava back to school.

The abandoned train station in Dingle, Sweden.
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