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Day 150

Posted by on September 3, 2019

Start:  Vestby

Finish:  Holmlia

Distance:  18

Total:  2306

My plan for today was to walk to a point close enough to central Oslo that I could finish my walk Wednesday morning before the forecast rain starts. I believe I accomplished that goal. 

The day started off with a steady rain. I had some breakfast at the hotel and sat around my room until the rain stopped at 10:00. Today’s route had a little bit of everything; bike routes, highways, farm roads, logging roads, and more up and down hills than I care to remember. It was overcast most of the day but became partly cloudy mid-afternoon. 

By about 2:30, I had made it to the first train station that was a reasonable distance from Oslo.  If I had stopped there and caught the train into town, I would have 11 miles to walk tomorrow to finish. From that point, there were more train stations lines up on the same route about a mile apart. So each time I passed up a train station and walked on to the next, I was taking a mile off tomorrow’s final day. So at 3:30, I’d had as much fun as I could stand and caught the train into Oslo, leaving me eight miles to walk tomorrow. Tomorrow’s rain is forecast to be light until around 10:00.  My plan is to get on the train early tomorrow morning, ride out to the train stop where I stopped today, and walk back to the Oslo central train station to finish before the heavier rain starts.  

After I get through walking tomorrow in central Oslo, I catch a train to the airport which is 20-30 miles outside the city. I stay at an airport hotel Wednesday night and catch a 7:45 AM flight Thursday morning to come home. So this adventure is rapidly coming to an end. Thanks everyone for following along. JB. 

Walking the backroads south of Oslo.

I saw a moose sign, but no sign of a moose.

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