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Day 23

Posted by on January 29, 2019

From: Bari

To: Molfetta

Miles: 17

Total: 383

We went to eat at a nice restaurant in Bari last night and John had a pistachio, ham and cheese pizza. I had a bite and it was very tasty. I might have to try to make that back at home.

After the best night of sleep I have had since I left the states we had a good breakfast and hit the road to Molfetta. It took a while to get out of Bari since it was a large city and then we were in the surrounding suburbs. We again were able to spend a large portion of today’s walk on a nice bike path away from traffic.

Bike path

Around lunchtime we went though a town and planned to grab lunch there, but never saw anyplace that we were interested in. Unfortunately we didn’t get to another town until we were an hour and a half from our destination at 1 PM. We were both pretty hungry by then but as we walked through town most of the cafes and restaurants were closed. We finally found a place near the center of town by a big plaza. It was a nice Italian restaurant that specialized in seafood.

That’s when our lack of understanding Italian and the waitresses misinterpretation of English got the best of both of us. John ordered a cheese ravioli without mushrooms. I asked her about the same dish and whether she recommended that or the fried seafood plate with french fries. She explained the best she could in English about both and I told her I just wanted the fried seafood.

When the food came out John and I both got cheese ravioli with artichoke hearts, with no mushrooms on either plate. I really loved the dish because I’m a big artichoke fan. John is not such a big fan of artichokes, but enjoyed the ravioli.

I thought we were done, but they brought more plates and a stand for more food. I realized then that I was going to get the fried seafood plate too. John was full and isn’t really a big seafood fan plus they had already brought us bread, prosciutto and fresh ricotta cheese as an appetizer right after we sat down. The appetizer and ravioli would’ve been plenty for me but of course to be polite I ate all the fried seafood. (Actually I ate all the fried seafood because it was really good.) So I was stuffed and ate twice as much for lunch that I wanted to but the food was wonderful.

Lunch took about an hour so we hit the road and got to our place for the evening around 3:30 PM. It is a Bed and Breakfast right along the water in town. The hotels in town were either really expensive or rated poorly so we took a chance on this B&B.

When we arrived there was no one around but there was a phone number on the door. We called and the lady answered and said she would be there in about 20 minutes after picking up her kids from school. When they arrived she had two young boys maybe three and five years old. The younger son came in with us and was really excited to meet us. He gave John and I a piece of candy from the candy jar on the desk. Then he went into my room and grabbed a bag of snacks and opened it, ate one, and then gave me the rest of the bag. He then grabbed a glass from my room and acted like he was drinking out of it. He was really a cute kid but mom wasn’t too excited about him doing all those things.

The B&B is right on the water in the old part of the city. It almost looks like it’s built into a wall. Right next to it is an old cathedral. Around the corner there were two Coast Guard cutters and there are lots of small cafés and businesses in the immediate area. On the inside the rooms are really nice and modern so again John and I found a great place for the night.

Cathedral next to the Bed and Breakfast

It was our last day of walking along he Adriatic Sea before turning inland so we are happy to spend our last day here overlooking the coast. We’re heading off to eat around seven although I really don’t need anything to eat after my huge lunch. Have a great day and I hope you get a chance to continue reading our journal. Thanks!

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