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Day 39

Posted by on February 14, 2019

From: Ceprano

To: Ferentino

Miles: 18

Total: 608

Today was a fairly straightforward day. We decided to walk further than we originally planned by about 4 miles so we could have two more equal walking days the next couple of days instead of a short day and then a long one. Again, the weather was perfect with a light breeze and temperatures that started in the low 40’s and topped out in the mid 50’s.

We had a long slow climb most of the morning until we reached the town of Frosinone. We stopped and grabbed some lunch there before we began our descent out of town. John was also able to get some gel pads for his feet at a local pharmacy. Once we got out of town it was a straight shot to our hotel.

The hotel appears to be very nice with a Spa and some of the services such as the hot tub and steam rooms are included. Hopefully I will get a chance to try them out this evening.

On a historical note, the town of Ferentino, where we are staying tonight has ruins of one of the first covered markets in Italy dating back to the Second Century BC.

Well that’s it for today. Not really much to report other than we are another day closer to Rome:)

View of snow capped mountains from our lunch stop in Frosinone

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