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Day 40

Posted by on February 15, 2019

From:  Ferentino

To:  Colleferro

Miles:  17

Total:  625

Today’s walk was once again straight down SR6 for 17 miles. And also once again, we were dodging traffic all day. 

The day got started at 8:45 after breakfast at our hotel. Because we stayed on the Far East side of town last night, today started with a walk through the business district of Ferentino along with a little climb. Once we were out of town it was business as usual with lots of cars heading into work and lots of trucks. Since there is zero shoulder on the road, and sometimes not even a white line marking the edge, we find ourselves sharing the road with oncoming traffic. Drivers are nice for the most part and give a little room when they aren’t meeting other traffic, but Dave and I look at every single vehicle we’re meeting to make sure there’s room for us. 

We made it into a nice sized town about 11:00 but neither of us were hungry for lunch so we pressed on to the next town. Unfortunately, that next town didn’t come along until about 1:30 where we found a nice restaurant right beside our route. With only a little over an hour remaining to our hotel after lunch, we got here around 3:30.  The hotel is almost new and very comfortable. 

Tomorrow we are scheduled to stop about 10 miles from Rome.  We’re not sure yet what we will do about lodging tomorrow night. We could find a hotel or B&B at our destination or we could walk to a Metro stop near there and ride the train into Rome tomorrow afternoon, find a place in the city, and ride the train back out to the Metro stop Sunday morning to finish our last 10 miles into Rome. We still need to do a little research tonight before we decide. 

So that’s it for today. We hope everyone has a great weekend. 

A typical situation on SR6.  This trucker was nice and gave us some room.

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