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Day 42

Posted by on February 17, 2019

Form:  Finocchio

To:  Rome

Miles:  11

Total:  655

Today’s stroll into Rome from the suburb of Finocchio was easy-peasy. We got an intentional late start at 9:30 because of the short walking distance we had to cover. Our route was on our old familiar SR6 which we’ve been walking on for over a week, though it was really just a city street with sidewalks. Also, with it being Sunday morning, the traffic was relatively light. 

After leaving Finocchio there was no real transition from there into Rome itself. Just lots of high rise apartment buildings and businesses along the way. About 30 minutes before we reached our hotel, we stopped at a pizzeria for lunch and a break. The food was great. Every pizza I eat seems like the best pizza I’ve ever had; until I eat another pizza, which then becomes the best pizza I’ve ever had. 

Our hotel is on the east side of downtown Rome, and since we were coming in from the east, we did not walk past any of the traditional “sites” most of you are familiar with when you think of Rome. But don’t be dismayed, we are taking two days off here so there’s plenty of time to do the tourist thing while we’re here.  We’ll venture out over the next two days and post plenty of pictures. The weather forecast is perfect for the next 10 days; sunny and zero chance of rain. 

So goodbye for now from beautiful Rome.  Hope everyone’s Sunday was as good as ours. 

A fresh fruit and vegetable stand as we walk into Rome.
A quiet Sunday morning on a piazza in Rome.
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