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Day 43

Posted by on February 11, 2024

Start:  The Entrance

Finish:  Swansea

Distance:  24

Total:  696

After a good nights rest I got up and started early today because of the distance I needed to walk. Lucky for me the weather was good with clouds and temps in the low 80s. 

I left the motel at 7:15 and stopped at a cafe shortly afterwards for some breakfast. It was Sunday morning here and there was hardly anyone out and about. After breakfast my route immediately had me walking a backroad through swampy looking terrain paralleling the shoreline. I could hear the waves through the undergrowth but couldn’t see the water. This stretch of beach must not be too popular because there weren’t any places to park along the road and walk through the thicket to the shore. This stretch of highway went on for several miles until I came to a little town that had a small cafe where I had lunch at about noon. 

After lunch I picked up the Pacific Highway, a divided four lane road with nice wide shoulders, but it’s technically not a freeway so it was OK for me to walk on. My route on Google Maps gave me a couple of detours off the highway through the thicket, but when I got to the place it wanted me to turn the suggested route looked pretty questionable. So I decided to stick to the highway, which added one mile to my walking distance for the day. 

Tonight I’m staying at the Black Swan Motel in Swansea. It’s a nice little motel that fills my needs; shower, wifi, bed. And they get bonus points for doing my laundry, which has to be done some how, some way, everyday. 

That’s it for Day 43. Tomorrow it’s 15 miles to Newcastle. JB. 

My castle for the evening.

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