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Day 63

Posted by on March 10, 2019

From: Crevalcore

To: Mirandola

Miles: 17

Total: 947

After a light Italian breakfast, not a lot to choose from, we headed down the road again. It was Sunday morning so early on the traffic was light in town and we were on crosswalks. It picked up a as we left town but a couple of miles after leaving town we turned off the busy road onto the countryside. The road went from paved to gravel and then to grass across a farmers field, but it was dry and we could see the connecting gravel road ahead. After about half a mile we turned off the gravel road onto a single lane paved road with absolutely no traffic. It was nice walking.

We knew from going over our route we would have very little chance for lunch. We came to a town at about the four hour mark. Our route ended up not taking us through town, but John recommenced taking a detour and heading into town to see if we could find a lunch stop. We were glad we did. The first place we checked out was by the village theater and it was closed on Sundays for lunch. We knew there was a cafe up ahead and it was open. We had our usual hot sandwich, chips and a coke and gave our feet a much needed rest. Leaving town we were able to take a nice walking and biking trail for about a mile. It was a picture perfect Sunday and there were lots of people out walking.

Bike and walking trail

We tried calling our hotel, which was on the opposite end of town just before we got to town but there was no answer. That was a bit concerning since there was only one other hotel in town and it was closer to the side we were entering town. We decided to drop by that hotel first in case the one on the far north side was closed. The first hotel was open and had rooms so we got a number from the receptionist there to call a taxi in case we needed to go back to that hotel.

When we got further into Mirandola, our stopping point for the night, there was a big flea market going on downtown where you could probably buy almost anything. People were everywhere.

We finally got to the outskirts north of town and behold, our hotel was open. The people running it were just busy running the hotel restaurant at lunchtime and didn’t hear the phone. We considered going another 3 or 4 miles down the road and have a taxi pick us up and take us back to the hotel and drop us off at that spot again in the morning, but we decided it was easier to just stop at the hotel for the night. Although the hotel restaurant is closed tonight since it is Sunday, and there are no other restaurants close by, the receptionist said we could order a pizza and have it delivered after 6 pm. That was great with us since we don’t even have to leave the hotel or walk anywhere.

Two more fairly long walking days left before we hop on our flights home on Wednesday. The anticipation of seeing everyone soon will help us get through those long days. Thanks again for following along!

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