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Day 65

Posted by on March 12, 2019

From: Nogara

To: Verona

Miles: 19

Total: 988

We had a good nights sleep and were up early on our final day of walking to grab breakfast and then get on the road. We decided to do a bit faster pace so we could make an earlier train.

Once we stopped for lunch we had gained a half hour so we decided to slow the pace back down. It was flat farmland again so the walking was fairly easy although our road was busy with truck traffic. For the most part we had a decent shoulder along the road to walk on.

The walk was uneventful and we arrrived at the Verona train station at about 1:45 pm. We noted there was a 2:03 train heading to Milan Central Station so we went to the ticket office and they said we had plenty of time. We also bought our express train ticket to the Milan airport. Once we get to the airport we will grab a shuttle to our hotel. We are on the train right now to Milan Central Station and relaxing from today’s walk.

Walking into Verona

John is going to do a wrap up of the the first half when he gets back home in Texas. Be sure to check out the latest video that he did today as well. Thanks to everyone who has followed along as well as your thoughts and prays and to those that donated to the Red Cross and Gary Sinese Foundation. I appreciate it!

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