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Day 72

Posted by on June 17, 2019

Start:  Cariano

Finish:  Klausen

Distance:  16

Total:  1100

Had another great day walking on the bike trail, even though it was somewhat uphill. Nonetheless, the 16 miles went by fairly quickly. 

I got on the road this morning a little earlier than normal in hopes of beating the afternoon thunderstorms. There is an 80% chance of storms everyday for the next week. Hopefully they’ll be afternoon storms like today and I’ll get through for the day without getting wet. 

I can’t tell you how great this bike trail is that I’ve been on for the last few days. It runs right along the road I had thought I’d be walking on. With no shoulder on the roads, and these crazy mountain roads with their blind corners, I’m really lucky to have the trail. Even better news is that the hotel attendant here in Klausen tells me the trail runs all the way to Innsbruck, Austria. So I’ll be on the trail and off the road for at least the next 58 miles. 

The scenery was amazing today. I’m still walking along the Adige River and it has really picked up its speed since I’m going up in elevation. There is a constant roar from the river and the entire thing is one giant run of rapids. I haven’t seen any recreational activity on the river so maybe it’s a bit too much for the tourist business. 

I’m in the little alpine town of Klausen tonight. It’s a nice town with a city center consisting of shops and cafes. When I checked into the hotel I was all hot and sweaty. I asked the hotel clerk if the rooms were air conditioned?  He said no, we don’t need air conditioning. OK. So I checked in and went to my room and sure enough, it’s comfortable now at 4:00 with the window open and I’m sure I’ll be closing the window later. 

So that’s it from Klausen, Italy. Hope your day was as good as mine. 

P.S. I posted two new videos today.

Leaving Cariano for higher ground along the bike trail.

The Autobahn weaving its way through the Alps.

Covered bridge over the Adige River north of Bolzano.

The Adige River making its way downstream from high in the Alps.

Approaching the alpine town of Klausen.

The city center in Klausen, Italy.

My home for the night in Klausen; The Park Hotel Post.
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