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Day 73

Posted by on March 12, 2024

Start:  Tweed Heads

Finish:  Surfers Paradise

Distance:  15

Total:  1156

Today was one long, continuous, flat sidewalk. It’s a good thing I had the sidewalk because the traffic was bumper-to-bumper and there was road construction everywhere. 

Last night’s motel in Tweed Heads was literally one block from the state line between New South Wales and Queensland. NSW and Queensland are in the same time zone, but NSW does daylight savings time and Queensland does not. So I knew that immediately after leaving my motel this morning I would be moving my watch back one hour. With that in mind I intentionally left an hour later than normal. I walked out at 9:00, went across the street for breakfast, started walking at 9:30, moved my watch back an hour, and suddenly found myself an hour ahead. 

Like I said, I was walking on sidewalks and bike paths all day. Just a block to my right was the beach with a pedestrian walkway so for about 4-5 miles I moved over onto the beach walkway. It was a nice change and got me away from the noisy traffic. 

By lunch I was getting into the south edge of Gold Coast. Gold Coast is a very large city south of Brisbane with a population of about 640,000.  It’s famous for its beaches and nightlife. There are many high rise hotels and apartment buildings lining the streets within 2-3 blocks of the beach running for several miles north to south. A suburb of Gold Coast is Surfers Paradise where I’m staying tonight. One of the noteworthy buildings in Surfers Paradise is Q-1, the worlds 5th tallest residential building and the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. 

Tomorrow I really start wrapping this adventure up. I walk 17 miles to a train station south of Brisbane where at the end of the day I’ll take the train to my last motel located in downtown Brisbane. I’ll be staying there my last three nights and take the train each day back out to where I stopped walking the previous day. I’ve got three walking days left. JB. 
* I posted a new video. View it by clicking the video tab at the top of this website.

Late afternoon on the beach at Surfers Paradise.
Q-1 in Surfers Paradise; tallest building in the southern hemisphere.
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