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Day 8

Posted by on January 14, 2019

From: Antirrio

To: Missolonghi

Miles: 22

Total: 155

We weren’t sure what the weather would bring us this morning but when we woke up the forecast was for a nice sunny day most of the day and it looked nice outside, so we decided to skip the day off and go ahead and walk while the weather was good.

We started a long slow climb away from the bridge mainly snaking along the coast. We eventually moved away from the coast in between two mountains. Luckily it stayed fairly level through the two mountains. The views were again spectacular. There were screens along the side of the road to catch falling rocks from the mountains. Near that same area there were some caution signs with a cow on them. I told John that I didn’t know if they were for cows in the road (I didn’t see any pastures near the signs) or for cows falling off the cliffs, LoL.

We wound through several small towns and had a nice toasted foot long sub on fresh bread in a local cafe that would make Subway jealous, along with a large bag of Cheetos. Surprisingly the Cheetos were completely different than ours at home. They looked more like the old hot fries I used to get out of the vending machines in middle school (a long time ago) but had a light cheese flavor and were very good.

The last two hours of the walk it got cloudy, and eventually we had some light rain for maybe 20 minutes or so before we reached our hotel. The hotel is quite dated, but I was pleased to see a tub in the room so I can soak my feet and legs. The hotel is in the old city of Missolonghi behind the walls and we are less than a block away from the Garden of Heroes.  The Garden has a large section dedicated to the fighters of the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Turk Empire who fought for the freedom of Missolonghi. Lord Byron died in Missolonghi in 1824, during the second siege of the town. It is also interesting to note that American fighters died at Missolonghi fighting for the freedom of the Greeks.

We had some pork gyros for dinner at a local place around the corner. They were really tasty. Now for another night of rest before tomorrow’s walk. Have a great day.

On the road to Missolonghi

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