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Day 84

Posted by on June 29, 2019

Start:  Munich

Finish:  Haimhausen

Distance:  14

Total:  1267

Today I made my way north from Munich into the rolling farmlands of Bavaria. It was a relatively short walking day at 14 miles but the day was beautiful and not quite as hot as it has been with a nice north breeze. 

The day got started with an 8:15 departure after a good breakfast. You probably wonder why I don’t leave the hotel a little later in the morning when I don’t have a particularly long distance to walk that day.  I should, but I just can’t make myself sit or lay around the hotel room, especially after a day off.  

Today’s walk took me out of the heart of Munich and unlike most very large U.S. cities, you don’t have the miles and miles of suburban sprawl around the cities here in Europe.  It only took me about an hour (3 miles) to be completely out of Munich and into the countryside. I went through several small suburban towns, but they always had 2-3 miles of farmland between them. I also walked by the Munich Olympic Village from the 1972 summer games. You’ll recall that was the scene of the attack by a group of Palestinian terrorist who took 11 Israeli athletes hostage and killed them along with a German police officer. 

After walking through a lot of farmland, I made it to my destination of Haimhausen by about 1:30. It’s a nice little town of about 5500. The Munich International airport must be just north of here; I say airliners lined up on final approach to land most of the day but I never got to where they were touching down. 

Tomorrow is a 16 mile day with a forecast high of 95. That’s a good excuse to start walking early. That’s it for today. I hope your Saturday was a good one. JB. 

I saw miles and miles of corn fields as I left Munich.

Walking the backroads, and trails, of Bavaria.

My lodging for the night; the very nice Gasthof Zur Post in Haimhausen.
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