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Day 100

Posted by on July 15, 2019

Start:  Ohrdruf 

Finish:  Eckardtsleben

Distance:  19

Total:  1509

Today is Day 100!  That’s 100 down; 50 to go.  It was a pretty tough day because the route was almost totally on the busy highway. 

I got started this morning at 8:30 after breakfast at the hotel. I had a couple of miles on backroads but soon found myself on a busy two lane highway with heavy traffic. There were a couple of alternate routes to choose from but they both added several miles to my day and since I was already facing 19 mile, I just stuck with the highway route. It’s not too bad so long as there’s no guardrail. I can just step off the road farther when there’s a conflict. But when there’s a guardrail on my side, it gets a little tough. I got an offer for a ride after lunch but of course, I graciously declined. 

While I was walking through wheat country again today, I also passed a very large windmill farm. I’ve seen a few windmills scattered about but this was the first large farm I’ve seen in Germany. I suppose there’s a windy time of year here, but it hasn’t been since I’ve been walking. Most of the windmills were standing still. 

I’m in the very small town of Eckardtsleben tonight. It so small Wikipedia doesn’t give any facts about the town; only the pension I’m staying in. If Wikipedia doesn’t know anything about the town, there must not be anything significant to report other than if you look outside, you’d swear you’re in the mid-west U.S. with all these rolling wheat fields. 

Tomorrow I think I walk down the same road as today. It’s only a 15 mile day so I may look for an alternate route to avoid the highway. That’s all for today. Thanks for following along. JB. 

Central Germany is definitely wheat country.

I walked through a large windmill farm today.

Spending the night at the Pension Bad Langensalza on Day 100.

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