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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Day 11

From:  Astakos To:  Mitikas Miles:  19 Total:  204 There is no reason today should have been so difficult. The weather was perfect, the road was wide, there was some elevation change but not too bad, and it was not particularly long. But Dave and I were both doing some whining by the end of the … Continue reading »

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Day 10

From: Katochi To: Astokos Miles: 17 Total: 185 It was another bright and sunny day although a bit on the cool side and windy to start off, with temperatures in the low 30’s. We went back around the corner to our bakery from last night to grab a quick bite for breakfast. Just like last … Continue reading »

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Day 9

From:  Missolonghi To:  Katochi Miles:  13 Total:  168 Today was a smooth day. Dave and I were raring to go because it was going to be a short one.  The walking day started at 8:30 after a very meager breakfast at the hotel. As we have gotten farther from Athens, the towns have gotten smaller, … Continue reading »

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Day 8

From: Antirrio To: Missolonghi Miles: 22 Total: 155 We weren’t sure what the weather would bring us this morning but when we woke up the forecast was for a nice sunny day most of the day and it looked nice outside, so we decided to skip the day off and go ahead and walk while … Continue reading »

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Day 7

From:  Selianitika To:  Antirrio Miles:  18 Total:  133 Unlike yesterday, with it dreary cold and rain, today was a picture-perfect day in Greece.  We started the morning at 8:15 with clear skies, temperature in the high 30s, and empty bellies.  The hotel did not have a restaurant so we headed out hoping to find a … Continue reading »

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Day 6

From: Krathi To: Selianitika Miles: 22 Total: 115 Today was a cold and rainy day. From the moment we left the hotel this morning until we stopped at our new hotel for the night it was raining, Fortunately it wasn’t a gully washer rain storm like we see in Texas and Florida and thankfully there … Continue reading »

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Day 5

From:  Xylokastru To:  Krathi Miles:  19 Total:  93 Everyday is a good day when you’re walking along the coastline of Greece, but today was our second day in a row of wet conditions and we’re about ready for some better weather. Unfortunately, it’s suppose to rain again tomorrow before we have some nice days.  We … Continue reading »

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Day 4

From: Corinth To: Xylokastru Miles:18 Total: 74 We had a hearty breakfast at our hotel just outside of Corinth and although it had been raining earlier that morning it looked like the sky might be clearing. Unfortunately that was not the case and we had rain showers all day but thankfully they were very light … Continue reading »

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Day 3

From:  Kineta To:  Corinth Miles:  21 Total:  56 Another solid day on the road. We walked an extra 3 miles to knock out some of tomorrow’s planned 21 mile day and were rewarded for our efforts.  The day began with an amazing sunrise along the Greek coast. I think we were the only guests staying … Continue reading »

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Day 2

From: Eleusis To: Kineta Miles: 20 miles Total: 35 miles Today’s forecast was for snow and blustery winds but we were blessed. We woke up to partly cloudy skies and a light breeze although it was brisk and in the low 30s. Our walk today took us mainly along the coast. As John mentioned to … Continue reading »

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