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Day 17

Posted by on January 23, 2019

From: Margariti

To: Margariti

Miles: 0

Total: 274

After looking at the forecast this morning and weighing all the pluses and minuses of walking or not walking, we decided to stay put in this small town. In hindsight it looks like we made the right decision. It has been raining almost all day and there is supposed to be heavier rain later today.

It is a great place to take a day off. The apartment is really spacious with heated floors which keep your feet nice and warm and the overall temperature in the apartment is very comfortable.

Our biggest concern was finding food for today but we found our guardian angel here in town. The lady we are renting the apartment from was kind enough to drive us into town during the rain and showed us the restaurants in town as well as the mini markets where we could buy additional food.

She told us of one café that made pizza. If you just looked at it from the outside there’s no way you would’ve expected the place to make any hot food, including pizza. We decided to try that place and it turned out to be really good. John and I both got a pizza and have leftovers for tonight. We also went to a bakery and picked up some pastries as well as a mini market for additional groceries.

After we finished eating we didn’t really want to walk back to the apartment in the rain with our groceries and leftover pizza so we asked the lady at the restaurant if she knew the lady renting the apartment to us, and if she could call her to give us a ride back. They were both already a step ahead of us and our friend at the apartment was just waiting for a call from the restaurant to pick us up. We tried to offer extra money to the lady for running us into town and back as well as showing us around but she refused.

We bought enough food for tonight as well as in the morning and plan to just hunker down and relax. The forecast is much better for tomorrow morning so we plan to be on our way to the port around 8 am. That should get us to town by 2 pm before the heavy rains start again.

John will update you all tomorrow on our last day in Greece. Have another wonderful day and thanks for following along!

View of the rainy day from our apartment in Margariti
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