November Update

November is here.  Only two months until John and Dave head to Athens, Greece to begin their trek across Europe.  They’ve both turned up the intensity of their training walks and will be ready for 20+ mile days starting 7 January 2019. 

October was an eventful month for both guys.  John and wife Wyn went on a three week trip to Australia and New Zealand.  They missed a couple of Aggie football games, but the trip was well worth it.  

Dave and wife Lisa also had quite an adventure in October.  Hurricane Michael came roaring through their part of Florida.  No major damage to their property but they’ve been busy helping others who were not so fortunate.   

With respect to the upcoming walk across Europe, they invite you all to take a look at their website,, if you get a chance.  It has all the details of when, where, why, and how they will walk from Athens, Greece to Oslo, Norway.  On the website you can see the planned route by clicking on the ROUTE tab.  Also, the GPS tracking device John used on his walk across America will be used again and has already been activated.  That device can be monitored by clicking on the tab WHERE ARE JOHN AND DAVE, also at  If you click on it now, it only shows John’s current position in San Antonio but will start tracking their position every 10 minutes starting 7 January in Athens.  They’ve also included contact information, bios, and FAQ, just to acquaint you with their plan.  

That all the news for November.  We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday.  We’ll check in one more time in December; then it’s off to Greece for what will be an amazing 2300+ mile walk across Europe.   

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October Update

Here it is, the 1st of October, and we thought we’d better get something posted since it’s only three months until we fly to Athens, Greece to get this walk started.  A lot has come together over the last few months so we’re confident that we’ll be ready to head overseas to start walking on 7 January. 

First of all, we’ve dusted off the cobwebs from the old Walking Aggie website through which you are reading this update. Thanks to Jeremy Henderson, the re-activation of the blog has been very seamless. If you were familiar with the old website, basically nothing has changed. We’ve simply updated all the pages with relevant information about this walk. Very soon we will have the “Where’s John & Dave” tab working but it won’t start tracking our movements until the walking starts in January. 

As far as the walking route, which can be view under “The Route” tab, we don’t foresee any changes to that between now and our 7 Jan start date. We plan to walk from Athens, Greece to Verona, Italy as part 1 of our trek between January and mid-March, leave Europe for 90 day’s to satisfy European Union Visa restrictions, then pick back up in Verona in June with part 2 and finish in Oslo, Norway in early September.  That’s 2321 miles in 150 days, not including the 90 day Visa break.  When it’s all finished, we will have walked across seven countries. 

We’ve both about finished collecting all our supplies and equipment. No need for a tent this time as we have planned our route to not need to camp. However, just in case, we’re both taking a sleeping bag.  The weather will be much cooler on this walk than John had across America in 2015. Therefore, we’ll be packing some extra layers of clothing, especially for Part 1 in January, February and March. 

That’s all for this update. We’ll check in with more information in November and December as we lead up to our January start date. 

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