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Day 25

Posted by on January 31, 2019

From: Andria

To: Cerignola

Miles: 22

Total: 422

After a nice stay at our hotel in downtown Andria we had a 22 mile day ahead so after a good breakfast at the hotel we were on the road by 8:15. After we left town we were definitely off the beaten path for the first half of today’s walk with little to no traffic.

Vineyards on the left, olive groves on the right and no traffic in sight!

There was a small town almost exactly half way on our walk but since we were skirting the north part of the town we were concerned there might not be a place to stop for lunch. We rounded a corner in town and we thought we saw food trucks at the bottom of the hill. When we got closer we realized it was basically a mobile fleamarket. There were probably a couple dozen vans along the side of the road with anything from clothes to vegetables. Unfortunately none of them were a food truck.

After a climb up into the last part of the town we spied a café open across the street. It was just what the doctor ordered. When we walked in there really wasn’t anything at the counter we saw for lunch but when we asked the lady behind the counter she said she could make us a Panini. We weren’t sure what was going to be on it, but when we asked, she brought out the different types of meat you can put on it along with the cheese. It turned out to be really good. After a nice rest and full bellies we were off for the last three hours of the walk.

Like John said yesterday, the last few hours are a bit of a grind. This time the road was straight as an arrow and had a slow incline where you could see at least three miles down the road. As we walked along, the road kept climbing and we could see further and further up the road. Basically the road was like this the rest of the way until we got to our town for the evening.

Our hotel for the night was on the side where we entered town which made it nice and cut our walk down by at least a mile and a half, otherwise it would’ve been a 24 mile walk today. We found this hotel last night on the web and the reviews said it was new. When we rounded the corner the first thing we saw from the hotel was an American flag. There were a few other flags on flag poles as well, but it was nice to see an American one flying high in the breeze.

The hotel itself looked very new and modern. When we walked inside the hotel manager said they had only been open since the first week in December. We are very happy with the hotel facilities as well as the great price for the room. There is a restaurant in the hotel so John and I only have to hop on the elevator and go down to the restaurant. We don’t have to walk around the town at all tonight which is nice after a 22 mile day. Tomorrow will be a much shorter walk and we are definitely looking forward to that. Have a wonderful Thursday and we will catch up with you all again tomorrow.

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