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Day 12

Posted by on January 18, 2019

From: Mitikas

To: Vonitsa

Miles: 22

Total: 226

After finding a restaurant last night that made an amazing pizza with toppings of ham and green peppers as well as a superb crust, we were fresh and ready to go in the morning. While it would have been nice to stay another day in the wonderful apartments to relax, we knew some heavy rain may be coming up in th next few days so we decided to go ahead and hit the road to Vonitsa.

For about half the walk we were along the coast line again. Once more we saw many goats and sheep as well as a few cows. The views of the ocean were really nice again.

At almost exactly the halfway point we came to a town. On Google maps it showed a restaurant that we hoped to have lunch. Unfortunately when we got to town that restaurant is now a clothing store. We asked the store owners where we could get food and they pointed down the hill by the coast line. We didn’t want to have to walk downhill a long way and then back up, so John and I decided that we would take our chances and started walking up out of town away from the coast.

As we walked along there were many pastry shops but no restaurants open. We finally walked in one cafe where the men were sitting around and smoking and drinking coffee (which appears to be the normal custom in Greece) but there was no food. We were about at the end of town and were thinking it was going to be another Snickers bar lunch today, when one of the men ran out of the coffee shop and told us that the gas station at the end of town had food for lunch.

When we reached the gas station it was at the very end of the town. After we walked in we could see that they had meat for Gyros but when we asked they said it wasn’t ready yet. We bought a couple of cokes and a bag of knock off Cheetos and figured that would be our lunch. A couple of minutes later the lady cooking the food came out and said if we waited 15 minutes she could make us a couple of Gyros. Of course we said yes. It was a much better lunch than two snicker bars.

We were refueled and our feet felt much better after relaxing for almost an hour. Unfortunately the weather was taking a turn for the worse. We headed down the road which now turned away from the beach and the skies were getting dark and cloudy. It didn’t rain for about an hour but slowly started picking up and we had light rain the last two hours of our walk.

When we reached our town for the night we knew we just needed to keep going straight on our road and the last block before we reached beach we would find our hotel. It seemed like the road in town went on forever, but we made it to the hotel. It’s not as nice as last nights apartment, but it again has everything we need. The receptionist behind the desk told us there’s a nice restaurant about a block down on the beach. We will be heading that way shortly to get a good dinner and be ready to go again in the morning. Have a great Friday!

Leaving Mitikas this morning

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