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Day 134

Posted by on August 18, 2019

Start:  Steninge

Finish:  Falkenberg

Distance:  15

Total:  2034

Today’s journey farther north up the coast of Sweden was most enjoyable. No rain, no traffic; just a bunch of crazy horseflies that are persistent and won’t leave me alone. Sometimes I have to swat them away with my hat. 

After a restful stay and good breakfast at the Steninge Kuststation, I hit the road at 8:30. The skies were cloudy but the rain was forecast to hold off until 1:00 at my destination. It being Sunday morning, there were absolutely no cars on the road.  So it was just me, some folks out walking their dogs, and some occasional bicyclists.  My route took me right along the coastline for the first few miles, then I was a mile or two inland for the remainder of the day. I took the bike route instead of the walking route today.  It was an extra mile but more scenic.  

Falkenberg is a nice little seaside city of 20,000. Because it was Sunday afternoon when I arrived, there was very little activity in town. I found a restaurant across the street from the hotel and had a late lunch, then checked into The Grand Hotel, located on the Atran River which flows through town. 

Tomorrow I continue another 18 miles north along the Swedish Coast to Varberg.  The weather is forecast to be a bit rainy and windy from the south.  Another tailwind; works for me. I had a great Sunday. I hope you did too.  JB. 

Looking west at the North Sea.

Interesting little creek along my route south of Falkenberg.

Someone built a bicyclist and backpacker rest stop beside the bike route. The sign says self serve.

The Atran River bridge in front of my hotel in Falkenberg.

The Grand Hotel; my resting place in Falkenberg, Sweden.

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