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Day 139

Posted by on August 23, 2019

Start:  Kungsbacka 

Finish:  Gothenburg 

Distance:  18

Total:  2102

Today got off to a slow start, but I knocked out another 18 miles and made it to Gothenburg, the last large city before I finish in Oslo. 

When I got up this morning, it was raining right down. The weather forecast said it would stop around 10:00 and be cloudy the rest of the day. With that info, I ate some breakfast, checked out of the hotel at 9:00, walked to the train station, and caught the 9:15 train south to Kungsbacka where I stopped walking on Wednesday. The train got there at 9:45, and unfortunately, it was still raining. I decided to sit around at the station until 10:00 and if it didn’t stop raining by then, I’d cover up my pack, put on my parka, and start walking. 10:00 came with no signs of a letup, so I covered up and off I went. 

The route to Gothenburg followed a bike trail for the most part, with a couple of miles actually on the shoulders of the road.  At about 12:00, it finally stopped raining so I stopped at a bus stop and took the parka off. The rest of the day stayed cloudy and cool, but no more rain. 

I made it to my hotel at 4:00.  It’s about a mile northeast of the city center, so I’ve knocked a mile off of tomorrow’s walking distance.  Finally I have a favorable weather forecast after 10 days of intermittent rain everyday. It’s suppose to be partly cloudy and in the upper 60s for the next five days. 

I can’t believe it’s already the weekend again. The days just fly by.  So with that, I hope everyone had a great week and enjoy the weekend ahead. JB. 

Gothenburg’s Ullevi Stadium, the site of major concerts and sporting events.
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