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Day 145

Posted by on August 29, 2019

Start:  Tanumshede 

Finish:  Strömstad 

Distance:  19

Total:  2213

Today’s walk was a real grind. Narrow roads, rain, and not even a place to take a break and get some lunch were the order of the day. 

I knew there was a strong possibility (90%) that I would be walking in the rain today. Unfortunately, the strongest chance of rain was from 11:00-2:00; right in the middle of the day; so I really couldn’t start early enough or late enough to avoid the wet stuff. So I got started walking at 8:00 and got as far down the road as I could before the rains came. There was no bike trail, but the road had a nice shoulder for the first few miles. Then, just as predicted, it started raining at 11:00. At the same time, the road shoulder went away. I stopped and put on my parka at a bus stop and headed out, sharing the road with oncoming traffic. The traffic wasn’t too heavy, and everyone seemed to be going a little slower because of the rain and wet roads. When I got about two miles from Strömstad, the rain stopped and a bike trail started. 

My destination today was the main bus stop in the coastal town of Strömstad.  Because I was unable to get a hotel room in that town, I took the bus back to Tanumshede to spend another night. Taking the bus was easy, even though I had to do a bus change along the way. Tomorrow, I’ll take the bus back to Strömstad and walk 18 miles to Halden, my first town in Norway. 

That’s all for today. Most of my peeps are going to the Texas A&M football game tonight in College Station. I’ll wake up at 2:30 AM tomorrow morning and see if I can watch it on my iPad. Unfortunately, the WatchESPN app doesn’t work in Europe. JB. 

The rocky Swedish coastline near Strömstad.
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