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Day 20

Posted by on January 19, 2024

Start:  Genoa

Finish:  Wonboyn Road. 

Distance:  25

Total:  313

Today I was back out on the road with a full eight hours of walking with no break. 

This morning I had an 8:00 bus to catch and I knew from reviewing the route there would be no towns or places to get lunch or take a break so I got up early, ate breakfast in my room, then headed to the local cafe to buy a sandwich to take with me for lunch. As scheduled, the bus picked me and several other passengers going west up near my motel at 8:05. Enroute to my drop off point of Genoa we passed Wonboyn Road, my ending point for the day. We reached Genoa about 9:00 and I was off, walking back in the direction from which I had just come on the bus. 

The road was a good one to walk and not busy. I made good time all morning and stopped at a very rundown roadside park to eat my sandwich and change into dry socks. That didn’t last two minutes. The flys took over and ran me out of the park as fast as I could get my socks changed so I ate my sandwich while walking down the road. 

I made my destination of Wonboyn Road at 4:45 and needed a ride the last 14 miles into Eden to my motel. I didn’t stand there more than five minutes before Cynthia Walker stopped and offered me a ride. She was on the way to work in Eden. 

My foot felt a little better today. I think the antibiotics are working so hopefully you’ve heard the last of that issue. 

Tomorrow is a shorter day, starting with a bus ride out to Wonboyn Road and the 14 mile walk back to Eden where I’ll spend my last of four nights in this motel tomorrow night. 

That’s all to report today. Have a great Friday; mine was good. JB. 

I walked across the Victoria/New South Wales state line today.
Passing over the Genoa River.

Cynthia Walker gave me a ride into Eden at the end of the day.

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