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Day 21

Posted by on January 20, 2024

Start:  Wonboyn Road

Finish:  Eden

Distance:  14

Total:  327

I officially made it to Eden today, even though I’ve been sleeping here for three nights already. Confusing I know but I’ve been using the bus system to my advantage to keep from camping. 

This morning the bus took me out to Wonboyn Road where I stopped walking yesterday.  I started walking at 8:20 with what I thought would be 14 easy miles into town. It proved to be  anything but easy. The terrain has gotten very hilly as I’ve reached the east coast. And it’s not as simple as the old saying “what goes up must come down.”  While that’s true with respect to the overall elevation, it’s not consistent with the energy spent going up and down those hills. You use a lot more energy going up those hills than you save going down the hills. On a relatively short day like today I’m completely drained by the end if it was a hilly day. Not so if it was flat. 

Once again today, which was Saturday here, it seemed like everyone on the road was pulling a boat or RV. These Aussies are crazy about camping and outdoor recreation. There are caravan (RV) parks everywhere, and they all have cabins for rent if you don’t have an RV. I may stay in one further down the road. 

Now that I’ve reached Eden, I’m half way to Sydney from my starting point in Melbourne. That means I’m one fourth of the way to my final destination in Brisbane. Tomorrow I’ll say goodbye to my motel of the last four nights and start straight north along the east coast toward Sydney which I’ll reach on Feb 6. 

That’s all for today. I hope you all have a great weekend. JB

The Hotel Australasia in downtown Eden.

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4 months ago

What a journey!