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Day 22

Posted by on January 21, 2024

Start:  Eden

Finish:  Pambula

Distance:  12

Total:  339

Today was a milestone; I finally got away from the town of Eden and am now headed straight north toward Sydney and eventually Brisbane. 

Even though today’s walk was only 12 miles, I was back carrying a full pack and the hills are crazy. Also, it has come a little heatwave here though by Texas summertime standards it’s relatively mild. With that said, the 12 miles got my attention. I walked it nonstop in four hours. 

Tonight I’m in the small town of Pambula (pronounced PAM-bu-la).  It’s a two motel/one gas station town with a “Hotel” where I ate dinner. This would be a good time to explain what a hotel is in Australia if you don’t know. Every little town has a hotel which usually consists of a pub (bar), bistro (restaurant), and usually some type of gambling establishment like slot machines, a place where you can watch horse racing from around the country and wager on it, some pool tables, etc..  The local hotel is the gathering place for locals as well as people passing through. Some hotels have accommodations up stairs like a motel though I haven’t stayed at one yet. In small towns like Pambula, the hotel might be the only place to eat late in the afternoon or at night. 

Tonight I walked a couple of blocks from my motel to the Top Pub Commercial Hotel, Pambula’s local hotel. The dining room wasn’t open yet so I went into the room where a group of men were watching and betting on the horse races. That’s where I met Patty, Flynn, and Payto; three nice local guys about my age. We had a good conversation and they wished me well. 

Tomorrow I walk 21 miles to Bega. That’s the town where I visited the emergency room a few days ago with my foot problem, which by the way is getting better. 

That puts a wrap on my good Sunday. I hope all of you have a good Sunday too. JB. 

I met Payto, Flynn, and Patty at the local Hotel in Pambula.
The Top Pub Commercial Hotel in Pambula.
My walking route has become quite hilly.
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