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Day 27

Posted by on January 26, 2024

Start:  Moruya

Finish:  Batemans Bay

Distance:  16

Total:  451

I had a great day today. Only 16 miles to walk, good weather, a nice shoulder on the road, and even a little town along my route for a lunch break. The only thing that could have made it better would have been not having to make a steep climb at the end of the day. 

I started the day with breakfast in my room which I bought at the local Wolly’s (Woolworth) last night. As I left Moruya I got a big surprise; there was a nice shoulder on the two lane road I was walking. I really haven’t broken the code on this. There will be a nice shoulder one minute, then it will just go away. Today for some reason the shoulder was there all day. 

At about 10 miles into my day I walked into the little village of Mogo, pop. 322. Tucked away in the forest, it’s a real touristy little place with cafes, art galleries, potters, and furniture stores. I stopped into the Mogo Fudge & Ice Cream Shop for some lunch, backpacker style. That consisted of a chocolate milkshake and some honey roasted cashews. With today being a national holiday, Mogo was crowded with visitors. 

After my break I was feeling good about life. Then reality hit. There was a five mile climb up winding switchback’s to get over a ridge line between Mogo and my destination of Batemans Bay. Only the last mile or so was downhill. I made it safely up the ridge line and into town where I’m staying at a super-nice motel; the Sunseeker Motor Inn. I haven’t been able to see the bay or shoreline here today but I’ll see it tomorrow as I walk out of town. 

So that’s it for my Friday. I mentioned today was a holiday here. It’s called Australia Day. Celebrated evert year on 26 Jan, it commemorates the 1788 landing of the first British Fleet and raising of the Union Flag of Great Britain in Sydney Harbour. That would explain why they drive on the opposite side of the street. JB. 

We should all have more Mogo lunch breaks i our lives.

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