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Day 29

Posted by on February 4, 2019

From: Lucera

To: Lucera

Miles: 0

Total: 462

Today was a rainy and cold day outside so it was the perfect time to take a day off. We headed to breakfast at 8:30 and also dropped our laundry off to be washed. The laundry looks and smells much better than when we wash it in the sink with body wash or shampoo.

After a satisfying breakfast we spent the morning relooking at the route. I just examined our route for the next few days while John was relooking our long range route where hotels are sparse. We are confident on our ability to find places to stay, but want to make sure we verify the places are open if at all possible.

We opted for a late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant that is owned by the same company as the hotel. There was a free shuttle to take us there and back so we didn’t have to walk in the rain.

I had reviewed their menu online earlier and the pizza looked cheap and good but when we were seated the waiter handed us the menu of the day and tried explaining the items on the menu. John asked for a bit more time, so we could figure out what was on the menu. We used Google and at least had an idea of what the two courses were. I ordered a cheese pasta with sausage and John ordered a pasta with red sauce and spinach as our first course. For the second course we both ordered sausage which had been simmered in red wine along with a side of french fries. Both courses were very good but more than we needed to eat.

My Gorgonzola cheese and sausage pasta. (The purple must have been the lighting. I didn’t notice it in the restaurant)
John’s pasta with tomato sauce and spinach

We took the shuttle back to the room and are going to relax the rest of the evening while it continues to rain. We might go over the route a bit more. The Wi-Fi is a bit spotty so it’s a somewhat frustrating trying to go over things on the Internet but overall the hotel is nice.

On a historical note, our hotel appears to have been part of one of the residences of King Fredrick II of Sicily (1194-1250), who enjoyed hunting and falconry in the area between here and Foggia which was the capital of the Kingdom.

We will be back on the road tomorrow. It is going to be a short day but we will be walking into a headwind and uphill most of the day, so we are thankful that it is not too long. I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl last night or at least the commercials. Take care and we will give you another update tomorrow!

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