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Day 3

Posted by on January 9, 2019

From:  Kineta

To:  Corinth

Miles:  21

Total:  56

Another solid day on the road. We walked an extra 3 miles to knock out some of tomorrow’s planned 21 mile day and were rewarded for our efforts. 

The day began with an amazing sunrise along the Greek coast. I think we were the only guests staying in our hotel, mostly because it’s not tourist season here. We hit the road at 8:30 after a nice breakfast at the hotel and were greeted with flat terrain almost all day. That was a relief after yesterday’s ups and downs. 

We were in and out of little towns most of the day and unfortunately had to put on the rain gear due to some showers just as we got to our destination of Corinth at 3:00. We found our hotel in downtown Corinth, and it looked nice enough, but we decided to go on down the road another three miles to another little mom & pop hotel along the Gulf of Corinth coast. And TOUCHDOWN!!  This place is awesome!  Rooms with fireplaces, steak dinner, and when I asked the owner if he had laundry facilities, he said just bring our dirty clothes to the office and he’d take care of it for us!  SWEET!  

So all in all, it was a great day for the John & Dave walking extravaganza.  Tomorrow it’s on down the shoreline to the next little town in Greece. Wish you all were here. 

A beautiful January sunrise on the Greek Coast.
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