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Day 30

Posted by on January 29, 2024

Start:  Milton

Finish:  Milton

Distance:  0

Total:  489

Today I had a scheduled day off and I made the best of it. I got some much needed rest. 

My day off is in the neat little town of Milton, pop. 1,663. I’m staying in a B&B called Mrs. Top.  The host is the most amazing gentleman, 85 year old Anatolij Slabaspyckyj, a former soldier in the Russian Army. His establishment is spotless and the breakfast was amazing. Last night all four rooms were booked but tonight I will be the only guest here. 

Last night I had the opportunity to meet three nice couples who were staying here at Mrs. Top for the weekend.  Ian and Linda Smith, Jan and Sandra Wesseling, and Steven and Heidi Crandell were fun to talk to and we shared some pizza for dinner last night as well as Anatolij’s breakfast feast this morning. They all live west of Sydney and showed great patience with all my questions about Australian culture and customs.  They left mid-morning today and Anatolij and I had the house to ourselves the rest of the day. 

I spent the day just lazing around with my feet propped up. I also did some route study and made a few lodging reservations for a couple of weeks down the road. Late in the afternoon I walked a block to Main Street to see the sites and get some dinner.  However, after sitting around all day I really wasn’t that hungry. So instead of going to a restaurant I went in the local grocery and took some things back to my room. 

Tomorrow it’s back out on the road. The walking distances for the next couple of weeks are not too bad; nothing more than 20 miles per day. 

That’s all for today. I hope everyone’s weekend was good. JB. 

My host, Anatolij Slabaspyckyj at the Mrs. Top B&B

All my new friends from the Mrs. Top B&B in Milton.
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1 month ago

Sounds like a great day off!