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Day 32

Posted by on January 31, 2024

Start:  Wandandian

Finish:  Nowra

Distance:  18

Total:  525

I walked six hours today in a light drizzle. It was just heavy enough for the roads to be damp, but not heavy enough to need my parka. I try to avoid putting the parka on as much as possible because it’s a steam bath wearing it.  So instead of being wet from wearing the hot rubber parka, I stayed damp from the drizzle. 

I got started after breakfast by getting a ride by the nice folks here at my motel out to my drop off point at 9:00. The traffic wasn’t too heavy at first and there was a really nice, wide shoulder all day. I had made it back to the south side of Nowra by 2:00 and stopped into a Subway shop for some lunch. From there I had another 2.5 miles to get to my motel and by now it was 2:30 and the traffic situation had drastically changed. I forgot to mention in an earlier post that school started back up after the summer break this week. So when I got back out on the road after my lunch break, school was just letting out and traffic was bumper-to-bumper through town. And at least in this town they don’t have your standard yellow school busses.  The busses look more like those used for city transit or even charter coach busses. You can tell they’re running a school route by the lighted sign above the front windshield. 

Tomorrow is an easy 13 mile day to the little town of Berry. After I get there, I’ll catch the train into Wollongong where I’ll be walking in and out of for three days using the train to shuttle around. 

That’s all for today from Norwa. Have a great day. JB. 

Do we have these in America? If not, we need to.
My nice route on Day 32.
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