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Day 33

Posted by on February 8, 2019

From: Campobasso

To: Bojano


Total: 523

We had a great meal last night. I had a really good steak, John had ravioli and we had a large plate with a variety of vegetables for a side. We also had another great spread for breakfast this morning, This hotel was as nice as a good hotel in the states. After breakfast we were ready for the day. We had a steep climb out of the hotel driveway and a few more climbs just outside of town, but most of the walk today was either downhill or level.

Initially we were on some side roads running along the main road since the main road had several tunnels. Once we passed all the tunnels, our route took us down to the main road which was really busy earlier, but it appeared their version of rush hour was over and the traffic was much lighter when we got there.

We saw snow capped mountains again during most of our walk today, but our weather was pleasant all day. At almost exactly the halfway point we found a roadside cafe/bar to rest and have lunch. We both had some foccaicia bread and a Fanta. The owner was really nice and was interested in our walk.

Snow capped mountains in the distance

The rest of our walk was partially on backroads and then the final stretch was on the main road until we took the turn for Bojano. Initially we couldn’t see any of the town so we were hoping the town was as big as it looked on the map. It took a while but we eventually saw some big buildings and made it to the center of town.

We had directions directly to our B&B for the night but walked right by it the first time. It was a bit hidden along the narrow street. Once we doubled back and found it we rang the bell and knocked on the door but no answer. We were just about to walk away when someone answered the door.

It turned out to be the family who owns the B&B. The oldest daughter spoke English the best and was able to explain we wanted two rooms for the night to her mom and dad before she headed off with her dad into town.

The mom made us some tea and gave us some cake while she prepared the rooms. As this was going on her fifth grade son was using the English he learned in school to ask us questions about our walk. John showed him our webpage and explained our tracker so he could follow us every day.

We couldn’t have a better family as a host and the rooms of this B&B are modern and spotless. Again we lucked into a wonderful place to spend the night.

Have a great Friday and we will update you again tomorrow!

John and I with Mattia and his mom, Rosanna Muccilli, owner of the B&B.
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