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Day 37

Posted by on February 5, 2024

Start:  Stanwell Park Train Station

Finish:  Sutherland Train Station

Distance:  21

Total:  610

I went out the door today thinking I was walking 18 miles. After going off my planned route into the bush it turned into a 21 mile day in 90 degree heat. 

After a good night’s rest I caught the train back out to the coastal village of Stanwell Park. I got off the train and walked down a steep hill, the same one I was complaining about walking up at the end of the day yesterday, and went to the General Store for some breakfast. 

Then it was on the road, climbing up over the coastal mountain ridge that runs along this part of the coastline. The road had no shoulder, with sharp switchback curves. I was switching sides of the road frequently so cars could see me coming around the curves. After about three miles of climbing I made it to the top and the road leveled off and straightened. 

Everything was going good until about the 10 mile mark. Then there was a road sign that indicated the freeway was about to begin. Funny; I don’t recall seeing this when I was studying my route. So I sat down on a guardrail and studied Google maps to see what I missed. As a matter of fact, the road I was on did become freeway for about five miles, then turn back into non-freeway again. So I needed to find an alternate route. Just ahead there was a power transmission line going in my general direction that had what looked like a winding road running under it. It eventually wound up passing close to my route past where the freeway ended. So I turned on the power line road, which turned out to be gravel. It took me through the boonies where the snakes that everyone talks about live. There were very steep inclines and declines, and creek beds, some dry and some with water. I eventually got to a point where I turned off the power line road and onto a very unprepared and seldom used unmarked trail that had a 300’ vertical climb up to a small village where I got back on my route. Thankfully, I avoided the snakes, but was soaking with sweat and completely drained of energy after my little off-road detour.  

The rest of the day went fine and I made it to Sutherland Train Station about an hour later than I planned. Sutherland is a suburb of Sidney, about 18 miles from city center. That’s my destination tomorrow. I’ll walk from Sutherland Station to downtown Sydney, then take a day off Wednesday. 

That’s all for Day 37. Thanks for reading and also thanks to all of you who make comments on the website and Facebook. I read and enjoy them all. JB. 

Following the power line road detour.
A semi-dry creek bed on my detour route.
Walking up and over the coastal ridge outside Stanwell Park.

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Blake Knight
Blake Knight
4 months ago

John, I have been checking in on your progress weekly. I cannot wait to hear more about your adventure when you get back. Safe Travels, May God continue his blessings and protection over you.

4 months ago

What an adventure 🙂 Glad you didn’t have to be at the train station at a certain time! Almost halfway Dad!!!