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Day 43

Posted by on February 18, 2019

From: Rome

To: Rome

Miles: 0

Total: 655

Today was our first day in Rome. John decided to stay in and rest his feet. He has been to Rome many times. I have only been once and didn’t do a tour of the Vatican or Sistine Chapel last time Lisa and I were here so I decided to go there today.

One quick helpful hint. If your credit card doesn’t have Visa Verify or the similar product for MasterCard you can’t buy your tickets on the official Vatican website. I called Bank of America but was unable to get it resolved so I decided to just go and get the tickets there. Luckily it is off season so there are plenty available.

I did a group tour in English. Both the tour of the Vatican, it’s Museums and the Sistine Chapel were breathtaking. I’m going to narrow my pictures down to only five for this post. Pictures aren’t allowed in the Sistine Chapel so there are no pictures from my visit there. Of course Michelangelo’s work was wonderful to see there.

I will say that John may have had the right idea in relaxing today. My feet and back are sore fom walking around all those sites today.

Have a great Monday!

From the circle inside the Vatican walls.
There are many Egyptian artifacts inside the Vatican Museum.
The room where Leonardo Da Vinci stayed
It is hard to capture the size and the beauty of the rooms and halls of the Vatican
I took lots of pictures of the full murals on the walls, but I took this close up for a reason. Raphael painted himself into the picture. He is at the bottom right of the picture in a black hat between the person in yellow holding a globe and the person in white. I guess it was his version of a selfie:)
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