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Day 47

Posted by on February 22, 2019

From: Braccianio

To: Capranica

Miles: 14

Total: 695

Today’s walk started with a fairly significant climb, but it was on back roads, initially paved, then some gravel and even part of the old Roman road with large stones. That lasted for maybe the first third of the walk and then the rest of the way was on a nice paved road, some of it recently paved. Traffic was light all day.

Horse along the back roads to start the day
Part of the old Roman stone road. Not much fun to walk on.

We made a quick stop at a cafe after less than two hours for a drink and snack because we knew there wasn’t anything else until we reached our hotel for the night.

The rest of the walk was uneventful but once again when we rounded a corner coming into town we saw a breathtaking historical town ahead of us on a cliff. Walking the rest of the way into town didn’t disappoint either. The route to our hotel led us through arches into the medieval part of town. Just outside the arches about a block from our hotel we noticed a small pizzeria packed with locals and decided once we reached the hotel we would head back there to grab a bite.

Capranica, our stop for the night

About a block down on the right we saw a sign for our hotel, but it took a few minutes to figure out which door was the entrance. Unfortunately that door was locked and there was no buzzer but it did have a phone number on the door. John decided to give it a try. A lady answered and said she would be there in three minutes. After just a few minutes she showed up with her brother who spoke decent English. They showed us the rooms and they were just fine. He also showed us a restaurant right next door where we can eat tonight as well as the café where we will get the breakfast included with the room. The hotel and rooms themselves are basic but very clean and well taken care of. The biggest difference between last nights hotel and this hotel is you can tell they really work to take care of this place and the owners are very friendly and helpful. Attitude and effort make all the difference in the world.

After we checked in, we went back to the pizza joint, called Ghost Pepper Pizza, and had fantastic pizza. It was probably the best we have had so far. It was thin crust Roman pizza with a very light and crispy crust. The guy running the place said the dough rises for 72 hours before they use it. He spoke pretty good English and we talked to him about our trip. I asked if he made Ghost Pepper Pizza and he showed me the jar of ghost peppers. Habenero pepper is about my limit so I didn’t ask him to make one:)

Once more to end our day we had the pleasure of meeting nice townspeople and stopping in a picturesque town. Have a great Friday!

Church next to the hotel

Town clock just up the street from the hotel
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