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Day 5

Posted by on January 11, 2019

From:  Xylokastru

To:  Krathi

Miles:  19

Total:  93

Everyday is a good day when you’re walking along the coastline of Greece, but today was our second day in a row of wet conditions and we’re about ready for some better weather. Unfortunately, it’s suppose to rain again tomorrow before we have some nice days. 

We hit the road today about 8:45 after a great breakfast at the hotel. It was already drizzling so we put our rain gear on from the start.  We had a really nice walking route today right along the beach with light traffic. Most of the day was spent on nice sidewalks. We took a break in a small town about 11:00 and had a nice talk with a bunch of local guys who were there to have some coffee and conversation. Later down the road, a nice man (didn’t catch his name but see the picture below) came out as we walked by and decided to walk down the road for a while with us.  

Our uneventful day ended on the seaside town of Krathi where we found a very nice hotel at about 3:15. If you do the math, we’re walking about 20 minutes per mile with a couple of rest stops added in. 

Tomorrow it’s on down the road 22 miles.  Hopefully it will be flat and dry!  

You meet the nicest people when you’re walking.
Nothing like a random truckload of chickens to brighten your day.
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