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Day 52

Posted by on February 20, 2024

Start:  Taree

Finish:  Coopernook

Distance: 14

Total:  832

Today was an easy day, even though I had a two hour period of rain where I had to get all covered up with my poncho. But when you’re walking through unfamiliar territory, there’s always a hidden surprise waiting just around the corner. Today’s unexpected surprise was waiting in my destination, Coopernook. 

Last night the weather forecast said there was a 90-100% chance of rain all day today. So when I got up this morning I was expecting the worst. However, much to my surprise, it was not raining, but it looked like it could start at any time. So I jumped up and hurried out the door at 7:30 trying to get as far into my 14 miles as I could before the rain came. The first few miles were in town and right before getting on the freeway there was a McDonalds where I stopped for breakfast. Just down the road from the McDonalds I needed to start walking on the shoulder of the freeway.  But before I got to the on ramp, it started raining. That’s OK because if I was going to need to cover up, it was easier before getting on the freeway rather than after. 

The rain lasted about two hours and I had my usual challenges of truck and car blasts and road spray, but at least it was not a thunderstorm and the rain was not heavy. 

By 12:30 I had gotten to the turnoff for my destination, Coopernook, which is my surprise for the day. Let’s call Coopernook a village. It has a few houses, one very old motel, and one very small gas station. And that’s it. So the only source of food in this village is the small gas station, from which I will be purchasing three consecutive meals. I stopped in the gas station as I walked into Coopernook to checkout the situation. There were a few assorted snacks, like candy and chips, ice cream bars, drinks, etc., but they also had a small grill with a limited menu. Unfortunately there is no place to sit; everything is takeout. I bought a toasty (grilled cheese sandwich) and took it down the road with me to check in to my motel, The Palms Oasis Motel. Once again, it meets the minimum standard: shower (check), Wifi (check), a bed that’s at least softer than the floor (check).  However, with all that said about Coopernook, I really should have done my homework a little better and I probably would not be here eating takeout from a two-pump gas station tonight. 

Tomorrow it’s back to a more normal 18-miler, once again along the freeway. And the weather is forecast to be good for at least two days. JB. 

The Coopernook gas station/food source.
My home for the night; the Palms Oasis Motel.
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Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson
1 month ago

Hi John, Is the gasoline price per liter? I am enjoying your adventure. God Bless you and stay safe!!!