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Day 54

Posted by on February 22, 2024

Start:  Kew

Finish:  Wauchope

Distance:  14

Total:  854

After a good stay at the Kew Motel, and an equally good meal at the Royal Hotel Pub last night, it was back on the road today for my first of two consecutive days on backroads. 

The day got started with a stop at the Corner General Store in Kew for some breakfast. Then I walked out of town on a backroad that paralleled the freeway. There was much less traffic to deal with but without the wind that the cars and trucks kick up on the freeway it got hot pretty fast. Speaking of hot, here’s an interesting observation. The high temperature for the day where I’m walking normally occurs at around 12:00-1:00 PM. That’s much earlier in the day than back in Texas where our high in the summer normally comes at around 4:00-5:00 PM. 

The road I walked today was very hilly and crooked through dense forest. I kept an eye out for kangaroos because this looked just like where I’ve had my two previous encounters, but no luck today. And still no kuala sightings. After talking to locals about the kualas, they say it’s highly unlikely I’m going to spot one.  

Tonight I’m in Wauchope (Wau-hope). It’s a nice size town of 7500 but only has two motels.  I picked the one closest to the center of town so I can walk to restaurants, etc. 

Tomorrow is another short day; only 13 miles to a bus stop. Then I’ll catch the bus to the city of Kempsey where I’ll stay two nights. It’s a good thing tomorrow is a short day. The forecasted high is 96 degrees. 

That’s all for today from Wauchope. Thanks for following along. JB. 

I spent Day 54 on the backroads.
The backwoods along my route on Day 54.

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1 month ago

I’m glad you are off the freeway for a while!