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Day 54

Posted by on March 1, 2019

From:  Monte San Savino

To:  Montevarchi

Miles:  20

Total:  815

Today’s walk was a nice 20 mile stroll in the country. The skies were overcast all day which kept the temperatures down a little, and there was no wind; just like we like it. 

The day got started with a good breakfast at the hotel in Monte San Savino. We got out the door to start walking at 8:30 and after navigating through the streets of town for a short while, we were on our way down hill on a good road with very little traffic. The entire morning was spent on what would be a farm to market road back home. Because of this, the climbs and descents were a little steeper, and we had a fairly long climb in the morning, but it wasn’t too bad and overall we went down in elevation today. 

By about 1:00 we were about to give up on finding a place to get some lunch. But then, out of the blue, there was a bar/cafe along our road. We stopped in and had a sandwich and gave our feet a break. 

After lunch, we transitioned to a much busier road, and for the most part, it had no shoulder. As we got within a few miles of our stopping point for the day, we were walking on sidewalks through some small towns. We’re now within about 20 miles of the outskirts of Florence. The roads should start getting busier until we get to Florence mid-day on Sunday. 

That’s about it for today. It was a pretty straight forward walk through the Tuscan countryside. With this being Friday, we hope everyone back home has a good and relaxing weekend. Cheers!  

These little bars and cafes sometimes just appear right out of the blue.

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