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Day 61

Posted by on February 29, 2024

Start:  Coffs Harbour

Finish:  Coffs Harbour

Distance:  0

Total:  965

Today was a much needed day of rest. It was my last day off before I finish my walk on 15 March in Brisbane. 

I can’t say that I slept in late because I still woke up around 6:00, but I refused to get out of bed until 8:00. Then I needed to find some breakfast. I’ll admit I’m not a big breakfast eater.   On walking days I force myself to eat something good. But on days off I’m really not looking for much. I remember the receptionist when I checked in two days ago saying something about room service. So I walked down to the lobby to check that out. The lady there was very nice and said I really didn’t need to order room service; she would just give me some things to take to my room. I thought SWEET!  So I got some cereal, milk, juice, and fruit for this morning and tomorrow morning. 

After breakfast it was laundry time; my favorite thing in the whole world.  Luckily the motel has a guest laundry. The washer was free and the dryer was $3. That’s a little backwards if you ask me, but whatever.  I didn’t do laundry two days ago or last night so for a change I actually got to put the washer on the MEDIUM LOAD setting!  LOOK OUT!  After doing laundry I was wasted from all that work so I sat around and read all the accurate and reliable information on “X” (formally known as twitter) for a while. Finally lunchtime came and I had some leftovers from last night’s Italian restaurant. 

By mid-afternoon I had one last official duty to take care of on my day off. I needed a haircut. Or at least I’ve been told I could use one from several thousand miles away. So I walked a few blocks to the business district and found a barbershop. The barber did a great job. So good I’m surprised I wasn’t getting stopped on the street by random strangers complementing me on my haircut. But not one person said a word all the way back to my motel. 

So here I am now. Totally rested and ready to get these last 15 days and 267 miles completed. I’ll start tomorrow by walking 16 miles to Woolgoolga; another coastal town straight north from here. That’s all for today from Coffs Harbour. Sorry if this entry was a little heavy in sarcasm but it just starts flowing if I sit too long in one place. Have a happy Thursday. JB. 

My home in Coffs Harbour for the last three nights.
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