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Day 62

Posted by on March 1, 2024

Start:  Coffs Harbour

Finish:  Woolgoolga

Distance:  16

Total:  981

I had a great day walking along a road called Solitary Islands Way today. It kept me near, but off of the freeway all the way. 

I was in no rush today to get started as there was no bus or train to meet. I just walked from motel to motel. With no firm schedule to meet, I left the motel at 8:00, stopped at a sidewalk cafe for some breakfast, and started walking from there at 9:00. The first few miles were on sidewalks along busy streets, but eventually I transitioned onto Solitary Islands Way. This winding two lane road weaves its way along the coast, zigzagging back and forth from one side of the freeway to the other. For the most part I had a nice shoulder to walk on and very little traffic to compete with. 

It was a relatively easy 16 mile walk to Woolgoolga, a nice little town of about 5000. I got into town about 1:30 and stopped just short of my motel at the Subway for lunch. Believe it or not, this Subway had five bags of chips for sale. That was a first for an Australian Subway. I bought one and took a pass on the cookie. 

Tonight I’m staying in another one of these little locally owned motels. It’s super-nice inside. Kelly runs the place and was very pleasant to talk to when I checked in. She gave me the rundown on local businesses and places to eat dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. When I asked her if there was a guest laundry, she insisted on doing it for me. I tell ya, these Aussies are really hospitable. 

Tomorrow will be a bit of a challenge. First, the forecast says a high of 96 degrees with thunderstorms starting at 3:00 PM. Second, I’m suppose to walk to a bus stop tomorrow that’s at a gas station halfway to my next motel town approx 40 miles away. However, when I planned this all out I didn’t realize the bus doesn’t run on weekends to that bus stop and tomorrow is Saturday. So I’m not sure how I’m getting from that gas station the rest of the way to my motel, which is another 20 miles down the road. I guess it will work out. I always does. 

That’s all I have to report on this Friday from Woolgoolga, New South Wales. Have a great Friday yourself. JB. 

Kelly runs the Seaview Tavern Motel in Woolgoolga.
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