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Day 66

Posted by on March 5, 2024

Start:  Tyndale

Finish:  Maclean

Distance:  10

Total:  1046

Day 66 was an easy 10 mile stroll down a backroad with almost no traffic. 

The day started with some breakfast at a local cafe in downtown Maclean near the bus stop. Then I caught the 9:45 bus back to Tyndale where I stopped walking yesterday. The skies were overcast and it looked like it could rain at any time, but never did. The road I walked, called The Big River Way, runs right beside the Clarence River which runs through Maclean. Just off to my right about a half-mile I could see the freeway which also skirts the edge of Maclean. 

I reached town around 1:30, just in time for some lunch. After that it was back to my cozy motel at the Bowling Club. By the way, that means lawn bowling, not the kind of bowling we know in the U.S..  This Bowling Club not only has a lawn bowling area, but a bar, bistro, and casino along with the nice motel. 

Maclean is a small town of about 2800 with a nice downtown shopping district with many little cafes and shops. It is known as the Scottish town of Australia because it’s earliest European settlers in the 1860s came from the Scottish Highlands. Near the heart of the business district is a grocery store that was opened in 1883.

Tomorrow I go to the town of Woodburn. I can only walk part of the 27 miles required to get there because part of the route is on the motorway and there’s no alternate route.

That’s all for today from Maclean, NSW. have a great day. JB. 

Maclean, the Scottish town of Australia.
Maclean’s downtown grocery, established in 1883.

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