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Day 7

Posted by on January 13, 2019

From:  Selianitika

To:  Antirrio

Miles:  18

Total:  133

Unlike yesterday, with it dreary cold and rain, today was a picture-perfect day in Greece. 

We started the morning at 8:15 with clear skies, temperature in the high 30s, and empty bellies.  The hotel did not have a restaurant so we headed out hoping to find a place for breakfast soon. We’d only gone a couple of miles when we walked by a little cafe along the road that was good.  

The road today was easy to walk on with light Sunday morning traffic until lunch time. We saw some beautiful views along our route, thanks to the break in the weather. By noon, it was short sleeve weather and we made good time all day.  By about 2:00, we had made it to the base of the Antirrio Bridge.  This bridge is one of the longest multi-span cable bridges in the world. Opened in 2004, it connects the Peloponnese peninsula where we’ve been walking with mainland Greece. There was a walkway beside the traffic lanes and we were able to walk across in about an hour. Once we made it across, it was a short walk to our hotel at the foot of the bridge.  

Tomorrow was scheduled to be our first day off, but we plan to wait until tomorrow morning to make that decision, based on the weather. If we walk, we will begin our route along the coast of mainland Greece and take a day off later in the week.  

OBTW: We published a new video, just for John’s granddaughter Bailey and her 2nd grade class. You can view it on YouTube by searching “the walking aggie” or click on the video tab at the top of our website.

Looking west toward the Antirrio bridge.
Walking across the Antirrio Bridge onto mainland Greece.
Snow capped mountains on the Peloponnese Peninsula west of Athens.
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