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Day 77

Posted by on June 22, 2019

Start:  Innsbruck 

Finish:  Seefeld in Tirol

Distance:  15

Total:  1177

Today’s walk was another exercise in “dodge the rain.”  After yesterday’s day off, today had me climbing back up in the mountains to the small ski village of Seefeld in Tirol.  As the clerk at the hotel desk this morning described it, it’s where “all the people with money go in the winter.”  It really is an amazing little village, not too different from Breckenridge, or Telluride Colorado.  But getting here was not easy.

My day started at 4:30 AM. I wanted to get on the road by official sunrise at 5:15. By leaving that early I hoped to walk my 15 miles before the forecasted rain would begin at 11:00. Of course 5:15 was too early for breakfast at the hotel so I checked out of my room and walked by the deli in the train terminal and got something to eat as I walked. The weather was overcast, damp, and 58 degrees. My route out of Innsbruck was nice and flat for the first 7-8 miles. Then it was time to climb. I had two choices on my route; follow the road that had a steep climb, or follow a footpath that had a really steep climb. I chose to follow the road, even though it was a mile longer.  The higher I climbed the more I got in the clouds. With absolutely no shoulder on the road, and fog/clouds so thick you couldn’t see 100 yards, it got a little crazy. Also, by this time the traffic was picking up with cars and busses going up the mountain to Seefeld for the day, or coming down after being there overnight. Several times I had to step off the side of the road for safety reasons. It gave me an excuse to take a short breather because I was huffing and puffing the last 7-8 miles. In all it was a 2300 foot climb.

I got to Seefeld about 10:30 without getting wet. This little village is covered with those cool Bavarian-looking hotels. I passed several as I came into town and decided to stop at one once I got near the city center to inquire about a room. Unfortunately, the one I picked was booked up for the night. However, the desk clerk recommended I walk over to the tourist information center at the train station for help finding a room. So I did as instructed and walked to the train station. The lady at the counter was able to pull up every hotel and B&B in town and look at their availability. She gave me three recommendations and called all three to get the rate and make sure the rooms were available at such an early check in time. Of the three, she recommended the Alpengruss B&B. It was about 4-5 blocks walking distance so off I went. When I arrived, the owner, Hanna, was expecting me. And I promise you, I made a wise choice. Hanna’s place is perfect. I have a nice little apartment overlooking the town.  After checking in and a short rest, it was back into village center for some wiener schnitzel for lunch, and of course hot apple strudel with vanilla sauce, ice cream, and whipping cream for dessert. 

Tomorrow I have a relatively easy 10 mile walk across the Austrian-German border to Mittenwald, Germany. It’s another super cool alpine town I look forward to visiting. Also, the rainy weather system is moving on east and tomorrow is suppose to be a nice sunny day.  So that’s it for today. Have a great Saturday!!!

Climbing back uphill from Innsbruck.

Some of the Hotels in the center of Seefeld.

My amazing home for the night; Alpengruss B&B.

Meet Hanna; landlady at the Alpengruss B&B in Seefeld.
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