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Day 92

Posted by on July 7, 2019

Start:  Nuremberg 

Finish:  Forchheim

Distance:  21

Total:  1390

Today I had the first 20+ mile day since I began walking Part 2 of this trek on 11 June. I picked a good day for it because it was cool and overcast all day. 

I got out the door at 7:00 this morning to get an early start on this relatively long day.  It was 47 degrees in Old Town Nuremberg and the streets were vacant. It took about an hour to be completely out of the city.  I had a nice bike trail to walk on most of the morning, then spent about an hour on a very well maintained walking trail through the woods. It tried to rain all day but never got stronger than a heavy sprinkle.  There was just enough rain to make the roads wet so later in the day when I was walking on the shoulder of the road, I was getting hit with road spray from the passing cars. Luckily the traffic wasn’t very heavy so I didn’t get very wet. 

I made it to Forchheim by about 2:30 and went straight to what I thought was my hotel. The door was locked so I called the reception number and a young girl said she would meet me shortly to check me in. After she arrived, I found out the hotel actually had three different buildings and mine was a few blocks away. After checking in, I took a 10 minute walk down the street to find my room. It’s actually a very nice loft in a villa with all the necessary comforts. 

Forchheim is a town of about 30,000. It’s best known for a beer festival that draws 600,000 visitors over its 10 day run.  Unfortunately, the festival is in late-July so I’m a little too early.  I went out exploring the town late this afternoon, and as usual there are people everywhere walking around the city center.  Most were wearing long sleeves or jackets as it’s in the 50s already at 7:00 PM. No need for air conditioning here!  

Tomorrow I have a 15 mile day up the road to Bamberg.  I’ll be out of Bavaria by week’s end. Hope you all had a great weekend. JB. 

Very Bavarian buildings in very Bavarian Forchheim.

I spent part of the day walking a very nice trail.

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