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Day 96

Posted by on July 11, 2019

Start:  Coburg

Finish:  Hildburghausen

Distance:  18

Total:  1453

Today was pretty much a grind. It had all those things that make the day seem like it will never end; walking on the highway, uphill, and rain at the end of the day. I was glad it was over when I got to my destination. 

Last night’s hotel was about as low as I’m willing to go. I shouldn’t complain because I planned my route so I can have an indoor place to sleep every night.  It definitely beats pitching a tent. However, the only thing last night’s accommodations had going for it was it was indoors, it had a  shower, and the WiFi worked good enough to get my journal posted. Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend it. I didn’t even take a picture out of embarrassment that I actually stayed there. 

I got on the road this morning shortly before 8:00. It had rained during the night but quit about an hour before I left. The weather was overcast and in the 50s. After I’d gotten out of town, which took about 30 minutes, I immediately found myself on a two lane highway, and of course, no shoulder. Unfortunately, I was on that road for about 12 miles. The traffic wasn’t that heavy but the speed limit was around 60 MPH so I had to spend a lot of time walking in the grass beside the road. 

By lunchtime I was in the town of Bad Rodach. I was looking for a place to eat, and had about given up when I found a very nice looking cafe, Andi’s Frankenstube. There I met Angela, the waitress. She spoke perfect English which she learned from her Puerto Rican husband. She started reading me the menu, and when she got to the paprika schnitzel, I stopped her; I’d found what I wanted. The food was amazing. Angela and I talked for a bit, she copied down my website, I signed the restaurant guest book, and I was on my way. 

After leaving the restaurant, my route turned off the highway and I found myself walking through wheat fields, and then woods. I had a pretty good climb, and then it started to shower. It was raining just hard enough to be annoying but not hard enough that I needed to put on rain gear.  However, by the time I walked a couple of hours in the drizzle, I was wet. As the shower got heavier, I covered the last mile to town and my hotel in 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the symbol for my hotel was not in the correct place on Google Maps. I went to where it directed me to go but the hotel was not there. After 15 minutes of walking around and finally knocking on a door, a gentleman gave me directions. I’d walked right by the hotel earlier but wasn’t looking for it. Now I’m in my room trying to get everything dried out. 

Tomorrow I only have 15 miles to walk to Suhl. The weather says thunderstorms will begin at noon. My plan is to get on the road early and out walk the rain. I think that about covers it for today.  Thanks for following along. JB. 

Walking through wheat fields on Day 96.

Meet Angela from Andi’s Frankenstube.

I had a nice gravel road to follow through the trees.

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